The section below provides a comparison between the suction power and user-friendliness of the dustbuster, the traditional vacuum cleaner and the Beflexx vacuum cleaner.




  • upload/image/meter-1.jpg Dustbuster
  • upload/image/meter-2.jpg Regular vacuum cleaner
  • upload/image/meter3.jpg Beflexx

suction power

The revolutionary Beflexx motors have been specifically developed by our R&D department to create maximum suction power at low power consumption. As such, the motors can be used in any situation where very strong suction power is required.


  • upload/image/838meter-2.jpg Dustbuster
  • upload/image/320meter-1.jpg Regular vacuum cleaner
  • upload/image/701meter3.jpg Beflexx


A dustbuster is small and easy to use, unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner that needs to be dragged around. The Beflexx vacuum cleaner is small and very easy to use: no vacuum cleaner to be dragged around, just the lightweight, extendable hose.

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Total score

A dustbuster is small and easy to use, but it doesn't have the suction power required to remove all the dust, allergens and other particulates from your living environment. While a traditional vacuum cleaner can remove more dust particulates and allergens because of its greater suction power, its size makes it less user-friendly.

The Beflexx vacuum cleaner combines the best of two worlds: easy to use thanks to the extendable hose and deluxe brush set, small, therefore easy to install, and all of this combined with very high suction power. This small bruiser has it all!

So: if you want maximum flexibility when you travel, you need a Beflexx vacuum cleaner in your vehicle/boat! Be Flexxible!